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“Come to Colour Fusion solo Exhibition of Artist Stephanie Höttges”

“Colour Fusion” is her first solo show in Zurich. She presents us with single artworks where we are part of her exploration and process. She reimagines animals in a different setting, in which she shows us a dream-like image that invites us to think about our relationship with nature.

“Check out Stephanie past and upcoming events”
As an artist it is important to participate in many different events, in order to show your work and interact with people.
Being able to communicate with her customers and potential customers is really important for Stephanie, because it allows her to grow and get new inspiration. She loves to know which emotion and feeling her art evokes in them.

Alfred Sutter Park


Stepanie will have the chance to exhibit her art in this wonderful location, completely immersed in nature.

She will display 20 artworks, for a month!

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Spring Fare UK


Stephanie will participate in the biggest decor fair of the UK.

Come and see her art at the fair, she will display Prints and Original artworks.

Looking Forward to connecting with you!

SOLO Exhibition


Stephanie is really happy to have organised her first solo exhibition.

She will present 15 artworks with her unique style and energy.

Artbox Zurich


She was so happy to be able to show her art in the station in Zurich for 4 days. She meet great animal lover and sold three artworks.

Art Talents Kunstmarkt


She was really happy to participate for the first time at this exhibition of local artists. She had the chance not only to sell her artwork, but also to connect with beautiful people.