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“Emerald Gaze” 100x80x2cm

CHF 800.00


Product Description

Title: “Emerald Gaze” – A Colorful Leopard Portrait

“Emerald Gaze” presents a mesmerizing portrait of a leopard, brought to life against a lush, smooth green background that echoes the vibrant essence of the wild. This artwork captures the enigmatic beauty of the leopard, celebrated for its elegance and predatory prowess, through a burst of vivid colors that highlight its dynamic form and expression.

The focal point of this painting is the leopard’s eyes, rendered with astonishing detail and clarity. These eyes, seemingly glowing with life, draw the viewer into a direct and powerful engagement, conveying the animal’s acute awareness and intense spirit. The green backdrop not only complements the leopard’s colorful visage but also enhances the overall sense of depth and tranquility in the piece.

Perfect for those who are drawn to wildlife art or seek to add a touch of nature’s mystery to their surroundings, “Emerald Gaze” is a stunning work that combines artistry with an almost photographic realism.


  • Dimensions: 100x80x2 cm / 39.4×31.5 inches
  • Medium: High-quality acrylic on canvas
  • Installation: Ready to hang with pre-attached hooks
  • Care: Dust gently with a soft cloth
  • Shipment: Free Worldwide (additionally, customers are responsible for any applicable customs duties, import taxes, or fees that may be required by their country’s regulations upon arrival of the order.)

“Emerald Gaze” invites viewers to delve into the depths of the wild, offering a captivating visual experience that celebrates the beauty and complexity of one of nature’s most admired predators.

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