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“Prismatic Prowess” 100x80x2cm


Product Description

Title: “Prismatic Prowess” – A Colorful Tiger Portrait

Introducing “Prismatic Prowess,” a bold and striking representation of the majestic tiger, painted in an array of vivid, explosive colors. This artwork redefines the traditional imagery of the tiger, infusing it with a spectrum of bright, lively hues that capture the essence of this powerful creature in a new and exciting way.

The painting showcases the tiger’s fierce gaze and muscular build, each detail enhanced by the vibrant colors that seem to pulse with life. From deep blues and greens to radiant yellows and reds, the palette used in “Prismatic Prowess” emphasizes the tiger’s dynamic nature and the raw energy it embodies.

Perfect for those who admire the strength and beauty of wildlife while appreciating contemporary art’s flair, this piece makes a compelling statement in any space.


  • Dimensions: 100x80x2 cm / 39×31.5 inches
  • Medium: High-quality oil on canvas
  • Installation: Ready to hang with pre-attached hooks
  • Shipment: Free Worldwide (additionally, customers are responsible for any applicable customs duties, import taxes, or fees that may be required by their country’s regulations upon arrival of the order.

“Spectrum Majesty” invites viewers to explore the intersection of natural majesty and creative expression, offering a striking addition to any art collection and serving as a daily reminder of the power and beauty inherent in the wild.


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