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“Regal Gaze” 100x80x2cm



Product Description

Title: “Regal Gaze” – A Fearless Lion Portrait

“Regal Gaze” captures the essence of majestic strength and undaunted courage through the portrait of a lion set against a stark, dark background. This powerful artwork focuses on the lion’s face, emphasizing its fearless gaze and the commanding presence it holds. The deep, rich darkness surrounding the lion enhances the stark contrast, making the lion’s visage even more striking and impactful.

The minimalist approach of using a dark background serves to draw all attention to the intricate details of the lion’s face—the sharpness of its eyes, the texture of its mane, and the noble poise of its demeanor. This depiction not only highlights the lion’s natural majesty but also symbolizes leadership, courage, and raw power.

Ideal for those who appreciate bold and expressive art, “Regal Gaze” is a compelling piece that embodies the spirit of resilience and authority. It’s perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and inspiration to any space.


  • Dimensions: 100x80x2 cm / 39.4×31.5 inches
  • Medium: High-quality oil on canvas
  • Installation: Ready to hang with pre-attached hooks
  • Care: Dust gently with a soft cloth
  • Shipment: Free Worldwide (additionally, customers are responsible for any applicable customs duties, import taxes, or fees that may be required by their country’s regulations upon arrival of the order.)

“Regal Gaze” invites viewers to meet the unwavering stare of the king of the beasts, offering a profound reminder of the power of fearlessness and the awe-inspiring beauty of nature.

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