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“Wings of Liberty” 100x80x2cm



Product Description

Title: “Wings of Liberty” – A Woman and Parrot Artwork

Introducing “Wings of Liberty,” a captivating artwork that portrays the harmonious relationship between a woman and a parrot, set against a soft pink backdrop. This painting explores themes of companionship and freedom, encapsulated through the vibrant and expressive presence of the parrot, a universal symbol of communication and the unrestrained essence of the wild.

The composition features a serene woman whose poised and reflective demeanor contrasts with the spirited and colorful parrot perched delicately on her hand, illustrating a mutual understanding and shared desire for freedom. The choice of a warm pink background infuses the artwork with a sense of tranquility and hope, enhancing the thematic representation of liberty and the joyous spirit of life.

Ideal for art lovers who appreciate symbolic and emotive pieces, “Wings of Liberty” is a beautiful testament to the liberation of the soul and the beauty of unspoken bonds.


  • Dimensions: 100x80x2 cm / 39.4×31.5 inches
  • Medium: High-quality acrylic on canvas
  • Installation: Ready to hang with pre-attached hooks
  • Care: Dust gently with a soft cloth
  • Shipment: Free Worldwide (additionally, customers are responsible for any applicable customs duties, import taxes, or fees that may be required by their country’s regulations upon arrival of the order.)

“Wings of Liberty” is designed to be a stunning focal point in any setting, offering viewers a moment of reflection and a reminder of the boundless freedoms that await outside the confines of the ordinary.

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